Spirit Reflections is a bilingual community of spiritual topics. I created Spirit Reflections in April of 2020 to interview people from all walks of life about their personal and spiritual journeys, the tools they found along the way and how those tools shaped who they are and the work that they do. We interview artists, philosophers, authors, scientists, religious people and thought leaders of all backgrounds on what insights they have gained along their paths and how to deepen our self-knowledge.

The goal of Spirit Reflections is to comfort hearts and enlighten minds by exposing spiritual perspectives and insights.

Our interviews are in English and Portuguese, both in audio and video formats and streamed live on YouTube, Spotify, Facebook and Twitter.

I started my spiritual quest in my early 20’s. Since then, I’ve come across several paths, traditions, philosophies and religious teachings. I decided to share these findings through engaging conversations, artistic expressions and experiential workshops to promote greater access and understanding of our spiritual reality.