#101: Júlio Padovan – Genetic and Epigenetic Contributions to Reincarnation according to Spiritism

Is reincarnation a reality? How is reincarnation seen by current genetics and epigenetic findings in modern science? How does Spiritism look at reincarnation? These and other questions we explore with scientist, researcher and professor Dr. Júlio Padovan, PhD. Júlio Padovan, a Brazilian national, has been working as a full-time researcher at the Rockefeller University since 1996. He’s an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences at York College‒CUNY in New York City. He holds several academic degrees and is a lecturer for both the Physical Sciences and the Spiritist Doctrine. Introduced to Spiritism at the age of fifteen, Júlio dedicates his time to translating Spiritist books from Portuguese and French into English and disseminating its content through lectures. He is particularly interested in studying and explaining the solid logical foundation upon which Spiritist concepts are built as well as in creating a strong association among those very same concepts.

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